is available to show the latest reviews. Explanation below:
POSTID=”ALL” to show recent reviews from ALL posts/pages or POSTID=”123″ to show recent reviews from post/page ID #123
NUM=”5″ will show a maximum of 5 reviews.
PAGINATE=”0″ will disable pagination of reviews.
PERPAGE=”10″ will show 10 reviews at a time.
SHOWFORM=”1″ will show the form to add a new review. This only works if POSTID is not set to “ALL”.
HIDEREVIEWS=”1″ will hide the review output. Can be used to show the form only.
HIDERESPONSE=”1″ will hide the admin response to all reviews.
SNIPPET=”140″ will only show the first 140 characters of a review.
MORE=”view more” will show “… view more” with a link to the review. Only displayed when the review has been trimmed using SNIPPET.
HIDECUSTOM=”1″ will hide all custom fields in the shortcode output.